the name

La Casa de las Granadas means "the House of the Pomegranates". The pomegranate, or "granada" in Spanish, is the symbol of Granada and you will find images of them scattered all over the city - from sculptures and tiles to more prosaic traffic bollards. Quite how Granada got its name is not clear. By 711 there was already a Jewish community named Garnatha Alyehud (now the Albayzin) on the banks of the river Darro. The city's name derives from this. Speculation says "that the name came from the fact that the houses of the settlement were built so close together that they looked like the seeds of a pomegranate." (Art & Architecture Andalusia). Who knows...

At Casa de las Granadas we have a selection of pomegranate bushes on the roof terrace. We have also decorated the apartment in a range of appealling colours based on those of the pomegranate fruit and tree.

A split open pomegranate

The hall - painted in pomegranate colours