Plaza San Cristobal

Casa de las Granadas can be found just off the Plaza de San Cristobal, in the Albayzin, the ancient Moorish quarter of Granada and a World Heritage site.

San Cristobal is one of the oldest churches in Granada and was built in the 16th century. Its square tower remains from when it was a mosque in Moorish times. Its tree-lined square looks directly across to the Alhambra. Immediately across from the square is the viewpoint or mirador of San Cristobal which gives a fine view of the Alhambra and the Arab walls, back-dropped by the frequently snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains, and down over the streets of the city.

The square of San Cristobal is not only attractive, it is also convenient, your taxi can set you down, or you can park your car here. This is a huge advantage in an area where the streets of the old Moorish city are so narrow that in much of the Albayzin only a donkey could carry your luggage. Buses are also available from the mirador, every few minutes, going down into the city and up into the countryside.

San Cristobal church at the top of the Albayzin